Tinned shellfish

Discover the finest tinned shellfish from Galicia and Scandinavia. Don Reinaldo smoked oysters and mussels, Ramón Peña octopus served traditionally in salsa Gallega, Angelachu razor clams in olive oil for a rich and refined finish, and Fangst pickled mussels with dill and fennel seeds.


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White crab meat
Squid in olive oil
Open tin of squid in olive oil, there are six small squids inside the tin, they look tender and delicious.
A tin of clams in white packaging with an image of an open clam with the Pepus logo on the front
Snow crab
Snow crab
A tin of cockles in yellow card packaging with an image of an open cockle and the round Pepus logo on the front
Sea urchin roe
Black and gold rectangular box with Ramón Peña written in gold above a grey image of a sea urchin.
A cream-coloured rectangular box with an open variegated scallop in its shell on the front, beneath Espinaler written in black lettering. The tin is on a wood background.
A tin of soup with an image of a crab on a beach, and a fisherman calling out over the Cornish coast. The label on the tin is light pink with purple, gold and pink lettering. A card tucked under the ring pull on the lid reads Hevva!

Artisan tinned shellfish

Canned shellfish is highly nutritious, one of the most sustainable food choices, and delicious: try Don Reinaldo tinned oysters on sourdough with cream cheese, chopped parsley and a squeeze of lemon juice, Ramón Peña tinned scallops, octopus or squid in a seafood paella, Angelachu canned razor clams with a splash of salsa straight from the tin. 

Are canned shellfish healthy?

All conservas are an excellent source of omega-3 and protein. Tinned mussels also contain vitamins A and B12 for brain and nervous system health, zinc, which helps immunity, metabolism, digestion and skin health and iron, a protection against anaemia and fatigue. Tinned clams are an excellent source of vitamin B12 and iron too. Canned clams also contain selenium which bolsters immunity and phosphorus for strong bones and teeth. Razor clams contain calcium and iron. Cockles are a very good source of vitamin B12 and B6, vitamins the body cannot produce and needs to source from food. B6 is said to be good for brain health and mood. Cockles are also high in iron, selenium and phosphorous. Tinned squid is high in B6, B12, selenium and phosphorous. Canned octopus is a good source of B12, iron, selenium and calcium. Canned scallops are a source of selenium and phosphorous and zinc, which helps immunity, metabolism, digestion and skin health. Canned oysters are a good source of B12, zinc, iron, selenium and copper, which helps the body absorb iron, and assists the immune and nervous system. 

How can I eat canned shellfish?

Use two tins of either cockles, clams or razor clams in a spaghetti alle vongole for two. You can add the tinned clams a minute before the end of the cooking time as they are already cooked and only need heated through. Octopus in salsa Gallega - olive oil and paprika - is delicious with just some crusty bread. 

On our TikTok, Carmen makes Spanish style rice with the scallops in salsa Gallega: soften down a chopped onion, green pepper and 2 cloves of garlic, add half a grated tomato, some of the salsa Gallega from the tin, then the rice, paprika, saffron and fish stock, and a minute before it is ready add the scallops.