The original and much-loved tinned fish subscription sees three tins of the finest tinned fish delivered to you each month. The Classic is a mixed monthly box and our most popular subscription. Alternatively, opt for one devoted entirely to sardines, anchovies or spicy tins. Go bespoke to tailor things further. And if you like the way a particular cannery cans we have the Single Brand subscription.


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Tinned fish subscription box

If you are a chilli-fiend opt for the spicy tin subscription. And if you would like to fine tune the subscription choose the bespoke, a tinned fish subscription that lets you tell us which fish you’d like to include, which to leave out, if you’d like chilli, the number of tins each month and more. Choose our international boxes if you live outside the UK. With these tinned fish subscription boxes the tins arrive all together in one shipment. You can choose a classic, bespoke or premium international box.  

Why get a tinned fish subscription?

When we discover a new tin, we like to include it in the tinned fish subscription box. It’s a way to be the first to try these new finds. The selections are different every month and each selection is varied – different fish, sauces, canneries – so that a subscription is a good way to explore the best of the vast range of tinned fish out there. The Single Brand subscription is a little different. It's a way to keep the tins by the cannery you love in steady supply. The feedback has been consistent since we launched the tinned fish subscriptions: people look forward to receiving the tins each month and grow fond of the subscription.

What does a tinned fish subscription box contain?

The classic subscription contains three tins of sardines, mackerel and tuna, and sometimes anchovies and shellfish such as mussels and squid. The sardine subscription will contain tinned sardines and small sardines, boneless or with bones, in olive oil, tomato, escabeche, spicy olive oil and many other sauces from a range of canneries. The anchovy tinned fish subscription box includes three tins of Cantabrian anchovies each month, including one premium tin of longer fillets from canneries in the Basque Country and Cantabria in Spain. The shellfish tinned fish subscription contains Galician shellfish from the likes of Ramón Peña, Angelachu and Fangst. The single brand subscription contains three tins from the cannery you like best each month. The bespoke tinned fish subscription lets you decide how many tins you would like each month, which fish you want to see more or less of, if chilli is welcome and other tweaks. We also have international boxes if you live outside the UK. You receive these tins all together rather than three each month. The classic international tinned fish box, for instance, includes 9, 18 or 30 tins of sardines, tuna and mackerel.

How does a tinned fish subscription work?

After you choose which subscription you would like: classic, sardine, anchovy, shellfish, spicy or bespoke, you can choose a duration: 3, 6 or 12 months. If you prefer, you can post-date the dispatch of the first tinned fish subscription box so that it arrives on the recipient’s birthday for instance. We will then dispatch the subscription tins on a specific date each month. You can also send a personalised message with the first subscription box.