Tinned fish

Our tinned seafood is a delicacy, complemented with high quality olive oils, fresh herbs and delicious, family-recipe sauces. The best fish from the morning shoreside markets are run to the canneries on the day of the catch, where experts hand-prepare the fish and carefully transform it into a gourmet product.

Types of tinned fish


Explore Cantabrian anchovies caught in the Bay of Biscay, and prepared by hand, wild-caught sardines fished in the Atlantic and canned in olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, an array of shellfish from Galicia, including tinned octopus in salsa Gallega, canned razor clams in olive oil or brine, tinned mussels pickled in escabeche. Tins of fish from Scandinavia: smoked trout, herring and sprats complemented with locally sourced herbs and rapeseed oil. Cantabrian caught Bonito del Norte tuna in olive oil, salsa Catalana and with spicy Espelette pepper. Tinned mackerel, high quality canned fish packed in olive oil, tomato, spicy tomato and mustard sauces.

Tinned fish by brand


Discover Fangst blue mussels - smoked and pickled - from Denmark’s cool waters, the Copenhagen-based company’s flash-grilled Faroe Islands salmon, Fangst freshwater trout with locally sourced juniper and lemon thyme, and its tribute to the mighty herring with wild garlic and white pepper and Fangst sprats with heather and chamomile, aka the Nordic sardine.

Nuri sardines in olive oil, Nuri spiced sardines andi extra spiced sardines are premium tinned sardines from Portugal, tinned fish canned using century-old artisanal techniques. Nuri tinned fish undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure each and every tin meets the standards that have made Nuri sardines world renowned. 

Olasagasti anchovies are caught in the Cantabrian Sea at their peak, and the close-to-a-year-long curing process begins that day for an optimum taste. Olasagasti tuna is line caught to quota in the summer months when it is at its best, and hand-prepared fresh so that the albacore’s delicate flavour shines.

Angelachu tinned fish has a super-refined finish due to the multi-step canning process. Think flawlessly-presented anchovies with mild salinity and rich umami, Galician razor clams in olive oil for a richer finish, plump, pickled green mussels and pole and line-caught Bonito del Norte tuna, cut finely like a ventresca. 

Ramón Peña tinned fish - from its stewed xouba sardines to its squid, octopus and mussels - is sourced in the Galician estuaries, where shellfish and other marine life thrives. The cannery’s gold line tinned squid in its ink, stewed scallops and paprika octopus are tins of the finest canned fish you can find. 

Berthe sardines, tuna and mackerel are premium tinned fish, sustainably fished and hand prepared the traditional way. Explore Berthe sardines in olive oil, a lesser known, excellent quality artisan sardine canned in Portugal, delicious skipjack tuna fillets in olive oil and mackerel fillets in a creamy Dijon mustard sauce. 

Pinhais sardines in olive oil and Pinhais spiced sardines are premium tinned sardines from Portugal, tinned fish canned using century-old artisanal techniques. Pinhais tinned fish undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure each and every tin meets the standards that have made these Portuguese sardines world renowned. 

Zallo anchovies are meaty and flavoursome with a milder salinity and rich umami. They are fished in the Cantabrian Sea at their peak and prepared using traditional artisanal methods. Zallo tuna is line caught in the Cantabrian Sea at its leanest and best and packed in olive oil, paprika-red escabeche or with spicy Espelette pepper.

More tinned fish


Tinned fish subscription boxes: the original and much-loved tinned fish subscription. The classic tinned fish subscription box is our most popular subscription: a mixed canned fish subscription. Alternatively you can opt for a tinned fish subscription box devoted entirely to sardines, anchovies or shellfish. Three tins of the finest tinned fish delivered to you each month.

Tinned fish gift box: our tinned fish gift sets are colourful round-ups of the highest quality tinned fish. Behind the striking vintage designs on the tins you will find the best fish from the morning shoreside markets, hand packed the same day and complemented with premium olive oils and sauces by the surest hands.

Premium canned seafood


The best tinned fish is seasonally caught to quota and hand packed. Fishing anchovies in the Cantabrian Sea in spring and albacore tuna in the summer months mean the fish are at their peak when they are canned. Seasonal fishing to quota is sustainable: fish caught for a limited period of time and are traceable ensures they are not overfished. Artisan tinned fish is canned by hand. This ensures better quality control: every tin contains fish cut to size, the correct measures of complementary olive oils, sauces and herbs, and the best quality fish in the tins. Each can of gourmet tinned fish is to the same high standard.