Bespoke international box

With the Bespoke international box you can tailor the box to your taste. Choose between Portuguese and Spanish sardines, mackerel, albacore tuna, Cantabrian anchovies, Norwegian sea herring, Faroe Islands salmon, Galician shellfish and more. We send the 9, 18 or 30 tins all together, so that you receive all your tins at once. We send the tins in our custom packaging, and include a contents card so that it makes an ideal gift. The international box showcases the best of the tins we have discovered. 
Number of tins

•This product is excluded from delivery outside the UK. However, the International Box is available to customers overseas.

•This is a one-payment subscription and does not renew automatically.

•The tins contain the allergens fish or molluscs and in limited instances contain other allergens such as mustard, sulphites and gluten. Please visit the More Information section of the pages for individual tins to find detailed information about allergens, ingredients and nutrition.