Ramón Peña

Ramón Peña tinned fish - from its stewed xouba sardines to its squid, octopus and mussels - is sourced in the Galician estuaries, where shellfish and other marine life thrives. The cannery’s gold line tinned squid in its ink, stewed scallops and paprika octopus are tins of the finest canned fish you can find. 


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Ramón Peña artisan canned fish

Ramón Peña is a Galician cannery committed to using only the best ingredients and time-tested canning techniques. Ramón Peña was founded 100 years ago and has an onsite laboratory to ensure its canning techniques continue to evolve and are the best. Try Ramón Peña octopus in salsa Gallega, a paprika-infused olive oil with onions, or the cannery’s small scallops - harvested when they’re at their best and sourced from local markets and stewed - guisadas in Galician - in a sauce of peppers, onion and tomato. Ramón Peña squid is stuffed with peppers and tomato and comes in its flavourful ink. Ramón Peña sardines in olive oil and spicy olive oil are sourced from morning fish auctions on the banks of the estuaries close to where they are caught and canned the same day, or try its small sardines with Padron pepper, the pepper native to Galicia. The xouba or small sardines, flour-battered and packed in a tomato, onion and pepper sauce are a meal in a tin and a must-try. Ramón Peña mussels are hand-packed and beautifully presented in a tangy escabeche. 

Where is Ramón Peña tinned fish canned?

Ramón Peña cannery is situated in the municipality of Cambados, in the Pontevedra region of Galicia, in northwest Spain. The cannery sits close to the river Umia which runs into one of the Galician estuaries known as the Rías Baixas where Ramón Peña sources its fish.

Is Ramón Peña tinned fish caught sustainably?

Ramón Peña takes sustainability seriously, ensuring its fish and shellfish is caught mindfully and without damage to the ocean environment, and it only uses seasonal produce sourced from the fish market in its tins.

What makes Ramón Peña tinned fish different?

The fish and shellfish are sourced locally from the Galician estuaries or Rías Baixas. Marine life thrives there because the water temperatures are not as cold as the open sea and the currents are not as strong. There is an onsite laboratory where Ramón Peña hones its canning techniques as it believes the flavour-potential of tinned fish is limitless. The cannery is artisanal too, and you can see this clearly when you open the beautifully presented tins of sardinillas and Galician mussels. Ramón Peña does not use artificial ingredients in its tins, and each tin undergoes rigorous quality controls.

How can Ramón Peña canned fish be used in cooking?

Ramón Peña tinned squid is a complete meal in a tin, all you need is some good bread to mop up the delicious ink. You can also add the tin to pasta and use the ink like a sauce.

Try the scallops with pasta too or rice, or on crunchy lettuce leaves with cream cheese and parsley. Try Ramón Peña octopus in a risotto or with a side of couscous with herbs and lemon zest. The Ramón Peña spicy sardines are great with a side of scrambled eggs and chives, or fluffy rice with chopped herbs stirred through. Try the sardines in olive oil drained and on toast, with shallot and red onion, sea salt and lemon juice. And maybe try the sardines with Padron pepper on toasted bread with sautéed onion, garlic and courgette. Try the Ramón Peña xouba sardines on toast with the sauce drizzled over.