Tinned mussels

Wood-smoked tinned mussels by Fangst and Don Reinaldo, pickled Galician mussels by Spanish canneries Ramón Peña, Angelachu and Pepus, and spicy tinned mussels by Portugal’s Cântara. Enjoy canned mussels on crackers with cream cheese, in an omelette with sautéed red pepper and garlic or as a paella garnish.


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Artisan canned mussels

The tinned blue mussels from Fangst grow slowly and take on a particularly fine taste and texture as a result. The small blue mussels are harvested in Limfjorden, the Danish inlet famed for these tasty shellfish. Ramón Peña premium Galician mussels are pickled in escabeche, and form part of its coveted gold line. Angelachu, in neighbouring Cantabria, cans green mussels, native to New Zealand and larger than the Galician mussel, in escabeche. Tinned mussels are a sustainable seafood option. They have a very low carbon footprint: for instance harvesting farmed or rope-grown mussels has no negative impact on the marine environment. 

Are pickled mussels good for you?

Tinned mussels are a high protein, low fat food. They are also a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids for heart health, vitamins A and B12 which bolsters brain and nervous system health. Tinned mussels contain the mineral zinc, which helps immunity, metabolism, digestion and skin health and iron, which protects against anaemia and fatigue. 

How can I eat canned mussels?

Sauté some chopped onion and sweet red pepper in olive oil until they soften, add puréed garlic for a minute then pour over three whisked eggs seasoned with salt and pepper. Before the egg sets, add smoked mussels if it’s for breakfast and pickled mussels if it’s for lunch. They’re great on crackers or small squares of toast with cream cheese as a snack. Try pickled mussels Catalonian style, scattered over a bowl of crisps with a caña or a small beer.

What is the difference between the tinned mussels we stock?

Fangst blue mussels are the smallest of the tinned mussel conservas that we stock, Don Reinaldo, Ramón Peña and Pepus Galician mussels are larger, and Angelachu green mussels are the largest. The tinned mussels are packed in a variety of sauces and oils: we have canned mussels in escabeche - wine or apple vinegar and olive oil, rapeseed oil or vegetable oil -  mussels with escabeche and chilli and wood-smoked mussels in olive oil or cold-pressed rapeseed oil.