Zallo anchovies are meaty and flavoursome with a milder salinity and rich umami. They are fished in the Cantabrian Sea at their peak and prepared using traditional artisanal methods. Zallo tuna is line caught in the Cantabrian Sea at its leanest and best and packed in olive oil, paprika-red escabeche or with spicy Espelette pepper.


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Zallo canned fish

Zallo tinned fish is sustainable. Zallo, a cannery based in the Basque Country, is committed to working with local fishing fleets that are ecologically mindful. Zallo Bonito or albacore tuna is pole-and-line caught, meaning no by-catch as there can be when the fish is netted and no damage to the marine environment. Zallo anchovies are caught between March and June when they reach the Cantabrian Sea on their migratory journey. Catching the fish seasonally in a limited window of time means the anchovies are at their best and not overfished. Choose between solid-packed tuna that breaks into big flakes in olive oil, salsa Catalana and escabeche, fillets in jars with Espelette pepper, olive oil and salsa Catalana, and Zallo tuna belly or ventresca, the prized, silken-textured cut of the fish. Zallo anchovies come in different sized tinned, including an edition of longer, premium fillets that the cannery only makes to order.

Is Zallo tuna line-caught? 

Zallo’s Bonito del Norte tuna is line caught in the Cantabrian Sea by local fishing fleets. When the tuna is caught this way rather than being netted the fish is less likely to be damaged and there is no by-catch.

Is Zallo tinned fish sourced sustainably?

Zallo anchovies and tuna are fished seasonally and to quota using sustainable fishing practices. 

How can Zallo tinned fish be used in cooking?

Zallo anchovies can be added to sauces and stews to amp up flavours. A classic way to eat anchovy fillets is on bread or toast with unsalted butter. The tuna in salsa Catalana makes a delicious empanada filling. You can top a potato salad with the Zallo tuna with Espelette, escabeche or salsa Catalana as the acidic sauce cuts through the mayo nicely. The flavoursome ventresca is delicious on bread with slices of ripe tomato and a drizzle of olive oil. Find more ideas on our recipe page.

What makes Zallo canned fish so popular?

The tuna and anchovies are caught seasonally when they are at their best, and then the best of this catch are chosen by Zallo at the morning fish markets, meaning the raw materials Zallo uses are top notch. Zallo then cans the fish by hand which equals yet another tier of quality control. The fish is complemented by high quality olive oil, escabeche and sauces. Zallo’s commitment to sustainability is wide ranging, from the way the fish is caught to the way it is packaged.

Are Zallo anchovies good for you?

Anchovies are full of tissue-repairing, muscle-building protein, and omega-3 fatty acids which promote heart health. They’re a good source of B vitamins niacin, riboflavin and vitamin B12 (which help promote brain, eye and skin health). Anchovies also contain iron to fight fatigue and protect against anaemia, calcium for strong bones and teeth and zinc for immunity, metabolism, digestion and skin health.