Ramón Peña

Stuffed squid in ink

Calamares in their ink with onion, pepper and tomato, from Ramón Peña. The Galician cannery is committed to using only the best ingredients and time-tested canning techniques. Try them from the tin with a chunk of good bread to hand to mop up the delicious ink.

Energy, 773 kJ / 186 kcal Fat, 12g - of which: Saturates, 2.1g Carbohydrates, 3g - of which: Sugars, 0.9g Proteins, 16g Salt, 1.1g

Ingredients: squid (mollusc), olive oil, onion, pepper, tomato, wine, salt, ink and spices. May contain fish and crustaceans

Weight: 110g

Bottom trawl, 4


Origin: Spain