Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina is based in the Azores islands and cans its line-caught skipjack tuna by hand. We stock the cannery's gourmet line of tinned tuna in fennel or rosemary olive oils, extra virgin olive oil and chimichurri. Each tin contains four delicately flavoured, tender fillets of the finest tuna.


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Is Santa Catarina tuna sustainable?

Santa Catarina works with local fishermen that subscribe to sustainable fishing practices. The tuna is caught pole and line, thus avoiding by-catch and seabed damage.

What tinned fish recipes can I make with Santa Catarina tuna?

Try topping a mayo-and-herb potato salad with fillets of the chimichurri tuna, or add lemon or capers to the potato salad mayo for some bite and top with the drained extra-virgin-olive-oil fillets. Give a Salade Niçoise a twist and use the fennel-olive-oil fillets. The chimichurri fillets are good stirred through pasta too because the oil is flavoursome enough to work as a tasty pasta sauce. Top with chopped fresh parsley.