Tinned tuna

Albacore or white tuna is delicately flavoured and is preserved in olive oil, salsa and escabeche. Line caught close to the coast of the Cantabrian Sea when it is at its best, it also takes the name Bonito del Norte. Explore skipjack tuna from the Azores and yellowfin tuna caught on the high seas too.


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Artisan canned tuna

The Bonito del Norte tuna is prepared fresh and canned by traditional, family-run canneries Olasagasti, Yurrita and Zallo in the nearby Basque Country and Angelachu in Santoña. The soft-textured and flavourful canned tuna belly or ventresca is the prized, prime cut of the fish. The tuna belly can be enjoyed simply on bread with slices of ripe tomato and a drizzle of olive oil.

Is tuna an oily fish?

Once it is canned, tuna is no longer classed as an oily fish because it is cooked prior to canning and this reduces its omega-3 content.

Is tuna good for you?

Tuna is healthy, a protein-rich seafood that has a low fat content. It still contains omega-3 fatty acids which are good for cholesterol levels, blood pressure, eye health and much more. Canned tuna also contains Vitamins B12 which guards against anaemia, and D, needed for a healthy immune system and bone health.

Is tuna sustainable?

The tuna conservas we stock is pole and line caught, meaning there is no by-catch as there can be when the tuna is netted and there is no damage to the seabed as there is with bottom trawling. The tuna is also fished to quota to avoid overfishing.