Don Reinaldo

Don Reinaldo, an artisanal cannery occupying a prime spot on the banks of the Galician Rías in the fishing town of Ribeira, is expert at smoking fish and sources the best sardines, mackerel and shellfish from the local fish markets to can the same day before sealing each tin by hand.


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Don Reinaldo canned seafood

Sisters Ana and Marta Pérez run Don Reinaldo cannery, choosing the best trout farmed in a nearby river each morning, deciding when the oyster harvest is good enough to merit canning them - it has to be exceptional by the way - and sourcing the best sardines, mackerel and sea urchin from the local fish markets. The sardines - like the trout - are grilled according to long-held tradition before being smoked and canned to amp up the flavour. Such is the sisters’ expertise in canning and smoking fish - their family have been in the canned fish business in the region for generations - the Galician government called on them to rescue Don Reinaldo cannery when it was threatened with closure. 

How can I cook with Don Reinaldo canned fish?

Try the tinned smoked oysters on sourdough thickly spread with cream cheese and a squeeze of lemon. The canned smoked trout is great broken into a salad with red onion and tomato. The tinned smoked sardines or mussels work well in an omelette with some sautéed onion and red pepper.

Is Don Reinaldo tinned fish sustainable?

Don Reinaldo sardines and mackerel is fished purse seine where a net is lowered into the water and closed, meaning no damage to the seabed and smaller fish can swim free and replenish ocean stocks. Don Reinaldo mussels are rope-grown and have the highest rating for sustainability in the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Fish Guide. 

What does canned sea urchin roe taste like?

Tinned sea urchin roe has a buttery consistency and a unique clean and clear taste, like the smell of the seaside first thing in the morning.