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Brit pack

A plate of spaghetti with an open tin of anchovy fillets. Delicious combination of flavours and textures. Presented on a cream circular plate resting on a wine table cloth.

Very fast tinned fish recipes

It's so flavour-packed and nutrient-dense that you can get away with doing next to nothing with tinned fish.
Tinned anchovies in olive oil on a wooden backdrop scattered with crumbs. With a silver spoon at the ready.

Cantabrian anchovies

Anchovies caught in the spring in the Cantabrian Sea when at their best, cured and packed in olive oil by experts.
An open tin of sardine fillets in extra virgin olive oil against a steel cage.

Sardines and sardinillas

Canapé-friendly sardinillas or bigger-bite sardines for hearty breakfasts and any-time-of-the-day snacks.

My story

Customers sometimes tell me that they brought a suitcase of tinned fish back with them from their Portuguese holiday. And they’ve come to me because they’ve just run out. I like that, because it’s how I started The Tinned Fish Market. Except that I brought two suitcases back with me.