Angelachu tinned fish has a super-refined finish due to the multi-step canning process. Think flawlessly-presented anchovies with mild salinity and rich umami, Galician razor clams in olive oil for a richer finish, plump, pickled green mussels and pole and line-caught Bonito del Norte tuna, cut finely like a ventresca. 


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Conservas Angelachu canned fish

Angelachu Cantabrian anchovies are cleaned of any excess salt with fishing net when they leave the salt barrels after curing so that the anchovy’s authentic umami is retained and not masked as it can be when salt is washed away using brine. Try the Santoña cannery’s finely sliced pole and line Bonito del Norte tuna on bread with a piquillo pepper and a drizzle of the olive oil it comes packed in. It’s farmed New Zealand green mussels are great on crackers with cream cheese, as a garnish on a seafood paella, or scattered over a bowl of crisps as they do in Catalonía. 

Where is Angelachu tinned fish canned?

Angelachu canned fish is tinned in the coastal town of Santoña in Cantabria in northern Spain, the region next to the Basque Country. The anchovies are Cantabrian, caught in the Cantabrian Sea and sourced in shoreside markets from the Basque Country, through Cantabria to Asturias. The anchovies increase in size as they swim west, but the scouts from the canneries always pick the best meaning Angelachu anchovies are equal in quality, regardless of size.

Is Angelachu canned fish sustainably sourced?

Angelachu anchovies are fished seasonally in the Cantabrian Sea by fishing fleets that subscribe to sustainable fishing practices. Its Bonito del Norte is caught pole and line, thus avoiding by-catch and seabed damage. Its green mussels are farmed, meaning their carbon footprint is minimal.