Tinned anchovies

Cantabrian anchovies are caught at their peak in the Cantabrian Sea and are said to be the best tinned anchovies there are. The traditional curing process - in salt for brown anchovies and in vinegar for boquerones or the white anchovy - begins in nearby family-run canneries on the day that the fish are caught.


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Artisan canned anchovies

The anchovy conservas come from canneries in the Basque Country that are more than or close to a century old, and neighbouring Cantabria. The Yurrita anchovy tins are our saltiest, Olasagasti fillets are meatier and somewhere in the middle salinity wise, Zallo anchovies are slightly milder and Angelachu fillets have a very mild salinity and a super-refined finish. On sourdough toast with unsalted butter is a classic way to have them. Try these conservas on toast with avocado and tomato, with scrambled eggs, or melt them into sauces to amp up flavours. In addition, tins of anchovies are packed with nutrition. 

Are anchovies good for you?

Canned anchovies are very healthy. This seafood is full of tissue-repairing, muscle-building protein, and omega-3 fatty acids which help lower cholesterol and promote heart health. They are a good source of B vitamins niacin, riboflavin and vitamin B-12 (which help foster brain, eye and skin health) and also contain calcium, iron and zinc.

Are anchovies oily fish?

Anchovies are oily fish – like sardines, mackerel and salmon.

Are anchovies naturally salty?

Tinned anchovies are prepared by hand then preserved in barrels filled with salt - a layer of salt, a layer of anchovies and so on. Because their flavour is short-lived after they are caught, anchovies are cured rather than exported fresh. 

Do anchovies have bones?

The salt-cured (brown anchovy) and vinegar-cured (white anchovy) fillets do not have bones. They are removed during the artisanal process.

How long do canned anchovies last once opened?

Cover them in olive oil and seal with tin foil and keep refrigerated and they will last three days, and most probably a little longer.

What is the difference between white and brown anchovies?

They are both from the same fish, but brown anchovies are anchovy fillets cured in salt, and white anchovies are fillets cured in vinegar. White anchovies are known as boquerones in Spain. Besides the acidic rather than salty taste, the texture is softer than the brown anchovy.