Tinned fish pâté

Tinned fish pâtés, traditionally served as appetisers in Portugal, are lighter than liver pâtés and have a beautiful rustic, home-cooked vibe. The canned pate is delicious on crackers with a thin slice of cucumber and black pepper.


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Hake roe pâté
Sardine pâté
Spicy tuna pâté
A round tin of sardine pâté in a glossy paper wrap with an illustration of a woman in a red dress beneath Cântara written in red lettering
Tuna pâté
A round tin of mackerel pâté in a glossy paper wrap with an image of a woman in a green dress holding an amphora of olive oil on the front
A round tin in a glossy paper wrap with a woman on the front in a blue dress holding a container of olive oil beneath the Cântara logo in red.
Mackerel pâté

Artisan fish pâté

The new pâtés from Nuri took a year and a half to perfect, and feature the same ingredients found in the cannery’s world-renowned tinned sardines: cloves, laurel, tomato, the best sardines from the local fish market, and, in the spicy sardines, a hit of chilli. 

What is fish pâté made from?

Luças and Cântara tinned fish pâté is made from a handful of simple ingredients: tomato, olive oil, salt and sometimes chilli. Nuri adds carrot, chickpeas, cloves and laurel to its recipe.

Is fish pâté healthy?

The fish pâté we stock is between 50% and 56% fish, with olive oil, vegetables and herbs making up the rest therefore the pâté is nutritious and a good source of omega 3, vitamins and minerals.