Razor clams

Tinned razor clams preserved in olive oil and in brine from Galicia in northwest Spain. Galician razor clams are a delicacy because the calmer more temperate waters there help the shellfish thrive. Beautiful with spaghetti and lemon juice and chilli flakes or in a stir fry with finely chopped vegetables.  


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Artisan canned razor clams

Explore premium tinned razor clams harvested in Galicia and canned in neighbouring Santoña by the celebrated Spanish cannery Angelachu. Try Angelachu canned razor clams in olive oil for a rich and refined finish, or Ramón Peña in brine for a lighter one. A good source of protein, B vitamins, calcium and phosphorus, these conservas are also nutrition-packed. 

What are razor clams?

Razor clams are bi-valves, a kind of mollusc, so called because their shells resemble cut-throat razors. They surface from the sand when the tide is in to feed and burrow down again when the tide is out. Look for keyhole shapes in the sand, sprinkle salt on them and the razor clams or spoots will surface.

How do you eat canned razor clams?

You can use them instead of clams in a vongole or in a paella with tuna and other seafood such as mussels and clams. Add canned razor clams to a stir fry, or caramelize them in some olive oil and add them to a salad. 

Why is Galician shellfish so good?

The Rías Baixas - low rivers - are inlets along the Atlantic coast in Galicia. The estuaries at the mouths of these rivers are more temperate and sheltered than the open sea and the currents are calmer, all of which helps shellfish thrive.