Tinned herring

Smoked Norwegian Sea herring with subtle flavours of wild garlic and white pepper is Copenhagen canning company Fangst’s mouthwatering tribute to the fish that has been at the heart of Nordic cuisine, trade and commerce for centuries.


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Artisan canned herring

It has an assertive, smoky flavour with notes of wild garlic and white pepper, but the herring is front and centre. This tin has become a customer favourite.

Is canned herring good for you?

Canned herring is high in protein and omega 3, low in fat, and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, amongst them B12 for energy and immunity and D for healthy bones and teeth.

How do I eat canned herring?

As well as the headline ingredients wild garlic and white pepper, the smoked herring is also complemented by horseradish, chives and rosemary. You can therefore pair this flavoursome tinned herring with something simple like rice, coleslaw or a green salad.