Santa Catarina

Tuna fillets with cumin and fenugreek


Pole and line caught skipjack tuna fillets with Santa Catarina's delicious curry of fenugreek, turmeric, cloves, cumin, celery and chilli. The tuna is hand-prepared and packed in Santa Catarina cannery on São Jorge island in the Azores. Skipjack has a delicate flavour and a pinkish hue. This is one of Santa Catarina’s gourmet line of tins, a recipe taste-tested on São Jorge and given an enthusiastic green light by the islanders. Try these tuna fillets in a toasted salad sandwich or with a side of fluffy rice.


Energy, 620 kJ / 147 kcal
Fat, 4..8g
- of which: Saturates, 1g
Carbohydrates, 0g
- of which: Sugars, 0g
Proteins, 26g
Salt, 1.2g

Ingredients: tuna (fish), olive oil, salt, curry (contains gluten, celery, cumin, fenugreek and mustard).

Weight: 120g

Pole & line, 2


Origin: Portugal (Azores)