Ramón Peña

Sardines with Padrón pepper


Sardinillas or small sardines with Padrón peppers, the green peppers native to Galicia. Fished in the Galician estuaries of the Cantabrian Sea, and canned by experts using time-honoured techniques, these sardines are another-level delicious. Try them with on toasted bread with a bed of sautéed onion, garlic and courgette.


Energy, 903 kJ / 217 kcal Fat, 14g - of which: Saturates, 2.4g Carbohydrates, <0.5g - of which: Sugars, <0.5g Proteins, 22g Salt, 1.1g

Ingredients: small sardines (fish), olive oil, Padrón peppers and salt

Weight: 130g

Purse seine, 2


Origin: Spain (Galicia)