Sardines in olive oil | Millésime edition


When the sardine catch is exceptional, Pinhais can create a limited Millésime or vintage edition. Fat ratio, size, intact skin are some of the metrics that must be met before the editions get the green light. It doesn’t happen every year, but the stars aligned in 2021, happily coinciding with the launch of the Matosinhos cannery’s new museum, founded to celebrate its centenary. These sardines are hand-prepared on site by experts and come in locally-sourced olive oil. Try them in an egg mayonnaise with spring onion on sourdough, or a sardine, rocket and pomegranate salad.


Energy, 1112 kJ / 268 kcal Fat, 20g - of which: Saturates, 4.1g Carbohydrates, <1g - of which: Sugars, 0g Proteins, 21g Salt, 1g

Ingredients: sardines (fish) (72%), olive oil (27%), salt.

Weight: 125g

Purse seine, 2


Origin: Portugal (Porto)