Sea urchin roe

Buttery in texture with a taste redolent of the ocean, sea urchin roe is a sought after delicacy, the sea urchins are plucked from the seabed by divers and taken back to Ramón Peña and Don Reinaldo canneries in Galicia where the roe is carefully removed the same day.


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Black and gold rectangular box with Ramón Peña written in gold above a grey image of a sea urchin.

Artisan sea urchin roe

Known as uni in Japanese cuisine sea urchin roe is a popular sushi ingredient. This seafood from Ramón Peña and Don Reinaldo can also be melted into pasta sauces, treated like a pâté, or used as a luxurious canapé topper.

What is tinned roe?

The roe are the fish eggs. Sea urchin roe can be referred to as sea urchin caviar, though true caviar is roe from the sturgeon. The tongues of sea urchin roe are carefully extracted by hand from the opened spiny sea urchin shells in the canneries and packed in brine to make the conservas.

Is sea urchin shellfish?

Sea urchin is a shellfish, despite the fact that shellfish are usually molluscs and sea urchins are echinoderms, like starfish and sea cucumbers. Sea urchins are commonly harvested for their roe though, and for that reason are classed as shellfish.

Is sea urchin roe good for you?

Sea urchin roe is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B12, calcium for strong bones and teeth and magnesium for healthy bones and muscles, lower blood pressure and improved mood.