Tinned cockles

Add a splash of salsa and enjoy tinned cockles straight from the tin, or drain the brine and add the canned cockles to seafood pasta dishes and paellas. A nutrition-packed shellfish, cockles are a very good source of protein, vitamins and minerals.


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A tin of cockles in yellow card packaging with an image of an open cockle and the round Pepus logo on the front

Artisan canned cockles

Pepus Galician cockles in brine are selected seasonally, between mid-July and October, when they are at their best. Portuguese brand Cântara sources the best Galician cockles for its premium tins. Try these conservas with griddled asparagus, rocket leaves and a squeeze of lime juice or in a salad with green olives, red onion and olive oil, seasoned with sea salt and black pepper.  

How do you eat canned cockles?

Garnish an albacore paella with them along with other seafood such as clams and mussels, add them drained to an omelette with sautéed red and green peppers and garlic, drain the canned cockles and add a splash of tabasco and eat them straight from the tin, add cockles to pasta dishes with extra virgin olive oil, chilli flakes, salt and black pepper.

Are cockles good for you?

Cockles are high in omega-3 fatty acids and protein. These shellfish are also a very good source of vitamin B12 and B6, vitamins the body cannot produce and needs to source from food. B12 is said to be good for brain and nervous system health, B6 for brain health and mood. Cockles are also high in iron, which protects against anaemia and fatigue, selenium, which protects against cell damage, and phosphorous for strong bones and teeth.

Are canned cockles cooked?

Like all the tinned seafood we stock, canned cockles are cooked and ready to eat. If you are adding them to sauces and hot dishes, add them at the end of the cooking time to heat through.