Tinned clams

The finest tinned clams sourced from the Galician Rías where shellfish thrives and is highly prized.​​ Canned clams are great as a seafood paella garnish, or added to pasta dishes with a cream, mushroom and garlic sauce, or enjoyed straight from the tin with a splash of vinaigrette.


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A tin of clams in white packaging with an image of an open clam with the Pepus logo on the front

Artisan canned clams

The tinned clams come packed in brine and are a nutritionally-dense seafood, packed with protein and iron. Cântara sources the plumpest and best Galician tinned cockles for its premium line, and Pepus clams are a customer go-to when making spaghetti alle vongole.

How can you eat tinned clams?

You can use these conservas to make a shell-less spaghetti alle vongole (vongole is the Italian for clams): spaghetti with chilli, garlic, a splash of white wine, parsley and canned clams. 

Are canned clams healthy?

Tinned clams are packed with nutrition. They are high in protein, low in fat, an excellent source of vitamin B12 for brain and nervous system health, and the mineral selenium which is good for immunity. Clams also contain phosphorus for strong bones and teeth and iron to combat anaemia and fatigue. 

Can you eat tinned clams from the can?

Yes. Add a dash of spicy salsa to the tinned clams for a flavour boost.