The Market O'Clock hamper


Our hampers feature selections of our most premium tins. The sought-after cuts, fish canned in very small batches to guarantee a high bar, vintage-year catches in beautiful, limited-edition runs, and tins from canneries where the chef behind the recipes is close by, keeping a watchful eye on simmering pots.

•Sardines in tomato sauce | Cântara

•Small sardines in olive oil | Cântara

•Small sardines in spicy olive oil | Cântara

•Yellowfin tuna in olive oil | Olasagasti

•Sardines with lemon | Cântara

•Stuffed squid in ink | Pepus

•Large mussels in escabeche | Pepus

•Bonito del Norte in escabeche | Olasagasti

•Spicy mackerel roe | Cântara creative line

•Bonito del Norte tuna in olive oil | Olasagasti

•Spicy mussels in escabeche | Cântara

•Wood-smoked herring with wild garlic | Fangst

•Wood-smoked blue mussels | Fangst

•Freshwater trout with juniper and lemon thyme | Fangst

•Salmon with sea buckthorn and lemon verbena | Fangst

•Bonito del Norte in organic extra virgin oo | Olasagasti

•Stuffed squid | Portuguese style | Cântara

•Squid in olive oil | Silver edition | Ramón Peña

•Scallops in salsa Gallega | Espinaler

•Stewed scallops in salsa | Silver edition | Ramón Peña

•Octopus in olive oil | Cântara creative line

•Smoked ventresca | Yellowfin | Don Reinaldo

•Clams in brine | Cântara

•Smoked oysters | Don Reinaldo

•Bonito del Norte tuna in escabeche | Zallo

•Sardines in olive oil | Pinhais



Each box is delivered in our custom packaging

•There is an option to include a personalised message.

•On the rare occasion when a tin is out of stock, we will substitute it with a product which is similar.

•The tins contain the allergens fish or molluscs and may contain other allergens such as mustard and sulphites. Please visit the pages of the individual tins for further information.