Canned eels

Baby eels farmed in Galicia by Don Reinaldo. These conservas come packed in olive oil with chilli and garlic. Try Cântara’s spicy pickled eels or Pepus's surimi eels with chilli and garlic too.


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Sustainable canned farmed eels

Don Reinaldo farmed baby eels are a sustainable way to eat this seafood. Considered a delicacy in Spain, these conservas with garlic and chilli pepper can be sautéed in the olive oil they come packed in to make the traditional Bilbao tapas, angulas a la bilbaína. The Pepus eels are made from surimi, a natural fish paste found in Asian cuisine created from abundant white fish. Scatter them warmed through or cold over a salad, or on crisps for a great contrast in textures.

What does canned eel taste like?

Canned baby eels are mild in flavour and have a beautiful soft texture. The pickled eels are firmer textured and are stronger in flavour.

Is canned eel good for you?

Canned eel is healthy. It is high in protein, a good source of omega-3 for heart health, contains vitamins A, B12 and D.

How do you eat canned eels?

You can flash fry the Don Reinaldo eels and the Pepus surimi eels and create the tapas, angulas a la bilbaína. You can sauté more chilli and garlic to taste in some olive oil before adding the drained eels. Try them on crisps too for a great contrast in textures, and scattered warmed through or cold over a salad. Cântara spicy pickled eels are great diced and added to a salad or on toast with thinly sliced red onion, salt and pepper.