Santa Catarina

Tuna fillets with fennel


Santa Catarina’s tuna is caught in the Atlantic by pole-and-line, a method that protects the oceans. It is known for its delicate, lightly salted taste, and comes in a fennel-infused olive oil here. Add a twist to a Salade Niçoise, or accompany with salad leaves, tomato and shallots.


Energy, 620 kJ / 147 kcal Fat, 4..8g - of which: Saturates, 1g Carbohydrates, 0g - of which: Sugars, 0g Proteins, 26g Salt, 1.5g

Ingredients: tuna (fish), olive oil, fennel seed (1.3%), salt

Weight: 120g

Pole & line, 2


Origin: Portugal (Azores)