Los Peperetes

Goose barnacles | Percebes


Goose barnacles - percebes in Spanish - are a prized Galician delicacy. Difficult to harvest, they grow on rocks where waves crash, and have a sweet taste like razor clams. Los Peperetes recommends eating them from the tin as they are in order to appreciate the full marine flavour. Eat the fleshy peduncle or stalk beneath the shell - Los Peperetes removes the skin to make this easier. Eating the meat inside the shell is an option too. However, the cannery doesn't recommend this as it's not the traditional Galician way. Los Peperetes - a Galician word meaning tasty, desirable and surprising delicacies - was founded in 1993 by Jesus Lorenzo Crespo - the grandson of the first Galician canners. He began by canning the finest cockles and sardines he could find, producing only 30 tins a day, sealing each one with a manual seamer. Today Los Peperetes continues to source exclusively from local suppliers, follows a completely manual production process, and uses artisanal techniques and family-recipes passed down through generations.


Energy, 276,33 kJ / 66 kcal
Fat, 0g
- of which: Saturates, 0g
Carbohydrates, 2g
- of which: Sugars, 0g
Proteins, 16g
Salt, 1g

Ingredients: barnacles (crustaceans), water, salt. May contain traces of fish and molluscs.

Weight: 120g

Hand picked, Pending


Origin: Spain (Galicia)