A selection of sardines, tuna, mackerel, herring and squid.

Alvarado box is a colourful roundup of the finest tinned fish. The traditional techniques that the canneries use involve many steps, starting at the morning shoreside markets when the best fish is chosen. The fish is prepared and packed the same day in the best olive oils and sauces by the surest of hands. Once canned, the flavours get even better, growing richer with time.

•Sardines in olive oil | Cântara

•Tuna fillets with chimichurri | Santa Catarina

•Mackerel in olive oil | Nuri

•Boneless sardines with lemon | Cocagne

•Wood-smoked herring with wild garlic | Fangst

•Squid in olive oil | Ramón Peña

•Tuna fillets in olive oil | Berthe

•Boneless sardines in extra virgin oo | Berthe


Each box is delivered in our custom packaging

•There is an option to include a personalised message.

•On the rare occasion when a tin is out of stock, we will substitute it with a product which is similar.

•The tins contain the allergens fish or molluscs and may contain other allergens such as mustard and sulphites. Please visit the pages of the individual tins for further information.