Pâté and liver recipes

Three open tins of airy-looking pate - one white between two orange-coloured ones - on a pale wood background.

Pâté pasta sauce

Mix a salmon or mackerel pâté with some olive oil and a little pasta water to make a pasta sauce.
Cod liver devilled eggs

Cod liver devilled eggs

Boil, shell and halve four eggs, scoop out the yolks and mash them up with the cod liver. Add salt, pepper and paprika, and stuff the mixture back into the eggs. Recipe by @mayakalina
An open tin of cod liver. The tin is silver. On a beige-coloured background.

Cod liver, boiled egg and pepper and onion marinade

From Ukraine. Marinade a sliced red bell pepper and onion in sugar, vinegar and salt for 30 minutes. Serve with 2 boiled eggs and cod live
A tin of cod liver in blue card packaging. Espinaler is written in cream lettering above an image of some chunks of cod liver below .

Cod liver with salad greens

Break up some lettuce leaves, and add chopped bell peppers, finely sliced spring onion (or red onion or shallot - depending on what you have in), cucumber slices, boiled new potatoes and green beans. Then add a tin of drained cod liver, and finally a squeeze of lemon juice, and toss together.
Two open tins of pate - one light orange, one white - against a wooden background.

Pâté with crackers and pickles | Radio 4

This is another tapas I prepared on Radio 4’s The Food programme. My advice is to open two tins of paté, one milder in flavour like salmon or trout and another with a kick like the sardine or any of the spicy ones. You can leave the pâtés in the tins but you should fully remove the lids. Choose very plain, thin crackers. I like the ones from Peter’s Yard and the N°1 Sourdough Crackers from Waitrose. Cornichons and olives go really well with this. Recipe by Patrick Martinez
Two open tins of pate, waiting to be savoured on a pinewood table top.

Pâté with courgette and shallot

Finely slice a courgette on a mandolin and quickly pan fry with shallot crescents and minced garlic. Spread sardine pâté on a slice of toast and lay the courgette slices, shallot and garlic on top. Recipe by Nom Q.