Mackerel and cod recipes

An open tin of mackerel fillets in olive oil on a dark wood chopping board with some bread crumbs on it.

Potato and mustard mackerel | Radio 4

Peel four baby potatoes and boil for 8-10 minutes, or until tender. Prepare the sauce by mixing 1/4 tsp of mustard per tsp of mayonnaise. Place the potatoes in a serving bowl and add 1 to 2 tsps of the dressing. Then drape a piquillo pepper over the potatoes. To finish place a mackerel fillet on top, spicy or in olive oil are good. One tin makes four small servings. Recipe by Patrick Martinez.
Silvery tinned mackerel in a gold-coloured tin against a pale clear background.

Malaysian mackerel

Soften down some thinly sliced onion in butter, and add a diced green or red chilli, and some pureed garlic for the last minute. Add a tin of mackerel (or sardines) and bind with some coconut milk for a Malaysian twist, and/or some water to make it into a sauce. Serve with rice and cucumber slices.
Succulent-looking silvery, skin-on mackerel placed on a dark wooden table.

Seaweed salad

Soak some wakame seaweed in water for 10 minutes. Meanwhile prepare a dressing: 2 tbsp of sesame oil, 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar, 1 tbsp soy sauce, a squeeze of lime juice. Roughly chop the rehydrated seaweed, break up the drained mackerel and add the seaweed, then pour the dressing over.
An open, gold-coloured tin with mackerel fillets in olive oil inside. The tin is on a pale background.

Mountaineering mackerel

This recipe is from two hikers. Mix a tin of mackerel with a pouch of ready-cooked rice or a tin of mixed beans and heat through on a camping gas stove.
An open tin of mackerel fillets in spicy olive oil against a pale pine wood background.

Paprika szczecinski

To make this Polish spread, fork together a tin of mackerel in tomato sauce, boiled rice and smoked paprika and then heap onto small crackers.
Mackerel fillets carefully placed in a gold-coloured tin resting on top of a cream cloth with red checks.

Mackerel and Tabasco potato

Sauté potato rounds until they turn golden and start to caramelise. Top with tomato paste and Tabasco and lastly the tinned Mackerel.
Mackerel fillets gently broken and spread between the vegetables and eggs. Lastly garnished with parsley.

Mackerel pisto

Dice an onion, a red and green pepper, and chop three cloves of garlic, fry in two tbsp of olive oil on a medium heat for five minutes. Stir in one diced aubergine and fry until it softens and browns, about five minutes. Add two diced courgettes, fry for five minutes. Add a bay leaf and a 400g tin of chopped tomatoes, season with salt and pepper, add smoked paprika to taste, cover and simmer until the sauce reduces and vegetables soften. Drizzle the olive oil from the tin over the pisto, then gently break up the mackerel fillets amongst the vegetables, crack two or three eggs onto the pisto, and cover until the eggs are cooked. Add parsley and serve with crusty bread.
Pale mackerel fillets placed between vibrant green spears of asparagus and sprinkled with finely diced red chilli and chopped dill. On a clear plate with a red napkin and knife, all sitting comfortably on a yellow wooden table.


Blanch and refresh 6 or 7 asparagus spears. Lay the drained mackerel fillets between the spears, sprinkle with finely diced red chilli and chopped dill. Dress with a lemony vinaigrette.