Tinned trout

Flavourful, canned smoked trout farmed in Galicia and hand-packed in olive oil by Don Reinaldo and Fangst’s tinned smoked trout, farmed in Danish freshwater and packed in cold-pressed rapeseed oil with locally sourced juniper and lemon thyme.


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Artisan canned trout

Sisters Ana and Marta Peréz source the best trout each morning from a river close to Don Reinaldo, the cannery they run in Ribeira, Galicia. The tinned trout is smoked over beech wood for one to two days for a delicate smoke flavour. Fangst tinned smoked trout is steeped in Nordic tradition. Juniper, for instance, is a classic Scandinavian accompaniment in smoked dishes, and the lemon thyme means the conservas is fragrant, aromatic and has depth of flavour.

Is canned smoked trout good for you?

Trout is an oily fish meaning it is high in omega-3, which helps lower cholesterol and is good for heart and brain health. Like sardines, tuna and mackerel, it is protein-rich seafood, low in carbohydrates and fat.

Is trout an oily fish?

Trout is an oily fish, high in omega-3 oils which help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, boost heart and brain health and may help shield us from certain kinds of cancer.   

How do you eat tinned trout?

Try tinned trout with a warm potato salad with a watercress or rocket garnish, with an omelette folded through with softened chopped red peppers, garlic and parsley, or on a slice of toast with avocado.