Tinned squid

Baby squid stuffed with rice, peppers and tomato in salsa or in its ink is a Portuguese and Spanish delicacy. Canned squid from Galicia can be enjoyed straight from the tin with crusty bread or in pasta dishes, using the Galician baby squids’ rich and flavoursome ink as a sauce. 


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Artisan tinned squid

Ramón Peña’s stuffed calamares is produced using time-tested canning techniques and the best ingredients. Shellfish from Galicia is renowned for its quality across Spain and the rest of the world. Pepus diced giant squid and stuffed baby squids in their ink are a customer favourite, and for those who prefer a spiced sauce over ink there is Cântara’s Portuguese-style stuffed squid in salsa.

Is squid a shellfish?

Squid is a shellfish, and a type of mollusc.

Is tinned squid healthy?

Canned squid is an excellent source of B vitamins, protein and long chain omega 3 fatty acids. 

How can I eat canned squid?

You can top rice and pasta dishes with the canned stuffed baby squid to add protein. You can finely slice the stuffed squids and add to green salads or have on crackers. Sauté them in olive oil and lightly caramelise the flesh to add more flavour.