Don Reinaldo

Smoked sardines in olive oil | Sardinillas


Sardines from Galician cannery Don Reinaldo. The sardines - like the trout - are grilled according to long-held tradition before being smoked and canned. Don Reinaldo is based in Ribeira - a fishing town with a rich history in canning - on the Galician Rías. Serve on a bed of steaming rice with finely chopped spring onion and herbs stirred through, or on toast with a squeeze of lemon, chopped parsley and finely chopped shallots.


Energy, 884 kJ / 212 kcal Fat, 13g - of which: Saturates, 3g Carbohydrates, 0g - of which: Sugars, 0g Proteins, 21g Salt, 1g

Ingredients: sardines (fish) (sardina pilchardus), olive oil (29%), natural smoke and salt

Weight: 115g

Purse seine, 2


Origin: Spain (Galicia)