Tinned octopus

Tinned octopus in Galician sauce, a paprika-infused olive oil, is a Galician tapa that is popular across Spain. Octopus or pulpo is a Galician speciality and is said to be the best from this region. The finest ingredients and canning processes further enhance the flavours of these conservas. 


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Artisan canned octopus

Add canned Galician octopus to a seafood paella with other shellfish conservas: Pepus clams, Cântara cockles or Angelachu, Ramón Peña and Fangst mussels, or enjoy in a salad dressed with the salsa Gallega. 

Is octopus a fish?

Octopus is a shellfish and a mollusc, like squid/calamari, oysters, scallops, mussels, cockles and clams.

What is salsa Gallega?

Salsa Gallega or Galician sauce is olive oil, onion, paprika and salt. Pulpo en salsa Gallega or Galician sauce is a traditional way of eating octopus in Galicia. Octopus is a speciality in this area of Spain, with polbeiras or octopus restaurants dotted across the region. 

How should I eat canned octopus?

Use the Ramón Peña and Espinaler tinned octopus with Galician sauce or in olive oil to recreate pulpo a la Gallega or pulpo a feira - a traditional seafood dish consisting of sliced potato topped with octopus and sprinkled with paprika.