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Our tinned fish gift sets are colourful round-ups of the highest quality tinned fish. Behind the striking vintage designs on the tins you will find the best fish from the morning shoreside markets, hand packed the same day and complemented with premium olive oils and sauces by the surest hands. 


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Tinned fish gift sets

The tins are presented in an illustrated gift box and there is an option to add a personalised message. Among the tinned fish gift boxes are Sardinero, a tinned fish hamper filled with sardines in an array of different olive oils and sauces from artisan canneries like Nuri, Ramon Pena and Berthe, Cantabrica is a tinned fish selection of Cantabrian anchovies from Spanish canneries Angelachu, Olasagasti and Zallo. Mercadito is a tinned fish basket filled with Portuguese fish pâté, and others like La Fabrica and Chamberi include octopus in olive oil as well as Zallo tuna, Nuri sardines and more. 

Why is a tinned fish gift box a good gift?

The tinned fish is high quality: it is chosen by the canneries in the morning at the fish market when the very best fish is available. It is hand-packed meaning the fish is handled carefully and not damaged, it is cut to the size of the tin, all the bones are removed when the fillets are prepared. In short, the quality control is more rigorous, ensuring each tin is of the same high quality. The fish in these tins is canned on the day of the catch meaning the fish go into the tins when they are most flavourful. Once in the tin the flavours start to mature and improve. For instance, once tinned Nuri sardines remain in the factory for six months before they are released onto the market in order that the flavours are optimal. The fish is sustainable. The tuna is pole and line caught, the sardines are fished purse seine, where a net is lowered into the water when the fish approach the surface and closed, this means there is no damage to the seabed, and smaller fish can swim free and replenish fish stocks. The anchovies are fished seasonally in the Cantabrian Sea and for a limited time to avoid overfishing. The olive oils and sauces are locally sourced and high quality too. 

What do the tinned fish hampers contain?

The tinned fish hampers vary. You can choose an all sardine tinned fish box, a Cantabrian anchovy gift set, a selection of tinned fish pâtés, or mixed tinned fish gift boxes that feature shellfish and indeed fish spreads. Grande hamper contains Pepus stuffed squid in ink, the tinned fish gift set Malasaña includes Angelachu Galician mussels in escabeche, tinned fish pâté and Olasagasti tapenade.