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Three colourfully packaged Portuguese tins of fish beneath an illustrated gift box
Three brightly-coloured tins of Portuguese tinned fish below an illustrated cardboard gift box, against a light brown background.
A cream-coloured rectangular box with an open variegated scallop in its shell on the front, beneath Espinaler written in black lettering. The tin is on a wood background.
Black and gold rectangular box with Ramón Peña written in gold above a grey image of a sea urchin.
Sea urchin roe
A selection of colourfully-packaged tinned fish against a yellow background.
A tin of sprats in a rectangular box with a blue border and a painting of a yellow sprat on the front, against a dark wood background.
Snow crab
Snow crab
A tin in a glossy lilac-coloured wrap with a painting of a mackerel and its roe on the front
Spicy tuna pâté
Squid in olive oil
Open tin of squid in olive oil, there are six small squids inside the tin, they look tender and delicious.
The Borough hamper
The Broadway hamper
The Flamenco hamper
The Good Catch hamper